Nine years ago on a quite cold November Thursday Urška stepped on a train to drive to a nearby town for her first ever meeting in a local photo club. It was an ordinary Thursday and Urška didn’t expect anything special to happen on that day and so didn’t Domen. They had no clue that their world is going to be changed. It was around five in the afternoon that the meeting started. Their first handshake and their first hello were both a bit awkward. But looking back they both agree there was a spark from the moment their eyes met. Photography meetings turned into roller skating in the rain. And the rest is history, as they say.


We are Urška Majer and Domen Kolšek, international wedding photographers from a little country in Europe called Slovenia. For the past five years we’ve been documenting stories across Europe, from weddings, engagements, honeymoons to maternity and newborn session. All of these events have something in common – a story. That’s why we specialize in telling stories. We want to tell stories in a pure and relaxing way so you can truly feel the moment even after many years. And we’re hoping to tell you story our way!

tuscany wedding photographer


We are the crazy dog people who talk to their dogs in tiny puppy voice and we’re not ashamed one bit! There is always a fluffy tail somewhere by our side. Zoja is a three year old apricot Lagotto Romagnolo who loves swimming, eating bananas and being the fluffiest dog ever! Roxy is a four year old mixed breed between a Jack Russel Terrier and something fluffier. She loves running around like crazy, playing fetch and morning naps. Even though they don't live together(Roxy is Domen's parents pup) they are best friend since day one and love playing whenever they have a chance!


We love travelling! Well, who doesn't, right? Our fave way of travel are roadtrips because it allows us to see new places in our own way - driving around with a car, exploring side roads that usually lead to the most gorgeous views and stopping whenever we want! So far we had roadtrips through Ireland, England, Italy, Portugal, France, Canary islands and you can see some of our travel tips on the blog. We already planning our next roadtrips - Scotland!


If we could pick one food to eat for the rest of our days it would probably be pizza or pasta! Our current fave is a gourmet burger, we try it any chance we get! And for desserts we're in love with lava cake and waffles!
When it comes to ice cream, Domen always orders lemon and straciatella while Urška loves raspberry, as fruity as it can be, and she loves to mix it with dark chocolate ice cream. And when there are new flavours she always tries to convince Domen to get something new so she can try it too, but that doesn’t work anymore, since once Domen order a lime with thyme flavour and it was the worst thing ever!


We don’t watch a lot of TV, but one thing we love to watch is TV series. We can’t watch them together because we have totally different taste. Domen loves fiction series, such as Game of Thrones, Arrow and Flash and Urška loves crime and drama series, such as Bones and Scandal or some short comedy series. The only TV series we both like and watch together is the Big Bang Theory.


A few years ago while we were scouting for a location for a session in the countryside we found a little abandoned kitten and she was the cutest thing ever and we had to bring her home. Well, since we’re both photographers we decided to name her after an analog camera, so her name is Yashica. And she is the sweetest kitten!


Well, what we do is pretty much our definition of a dream job however if we wouldn't be photographers Domen would probably be a collector of luxury old watches and Urška would have a daycare center for dogs(who wouldn't want to do that, right?).


We are one of those rare people that survive without coffee. We simply don’t like it. But we do love tea! Urška loves green tea and Domen loves to occasionally drink black tea at breakfast(mostly when we’re travelling).


We love to take film photographs when we travel or sometimes of our Zoja, Roxy and Yashica, because when you take a photograph on film camera you stop and think. You want to make the best of those 36 photographs you have in one roll and you don’t want to just snap photos all around. And when you finally get to see the photographs it feels like they were made ages ago, since they have that special something on them.