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Our first interview | Mična.si - WEDDINGS BLOG ENGLISH

      Can i be honest with you? We’re both extroverted introverts and even though we don’t have a problem speaking with new people(people don’t really believe us we’re introverts, but in fact a calm Friday night in snuggled on the couch with our fur babies watching a good movie is our definition of a Friday night well spent) there are times where we know that we would be stressing our too much about speaking with new people. In fact, interviews are one of those. We’ve never had an interview and we knew that a day where we’ll have our first interview will come but just thinking of that makes me a bit nervous.

      In March we were a part of a boutique wedding fair Sladka pokušina and we didn’t know that Maja, a journalist from Mična.si is coming to have interviews with each of the vendor. Well, thankfully we didn’t know and even that we were caught a bit unprepared we were happy to talk with her about wedding photography(how hard can it be to talk about something that you do everyday) and our approach and the interview went live today!

      I quickly read it to see if we’ve said anything weird or funny but all in all we love it and we’re excited to share it with you! So if you’re interested in reading our first interview head here – INTERVIEW(it’s only in slovene).



      And a photo of how excited we are about this interview!





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