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Sweet client gifts

We can’t even believe it’s almost the end of the year and that Christmas was this past weekend. We hope you had a great weekend with your family and your close ones and a lot of good food. We sure did! We’re posting this post a little late, but we wanted to make sure everyone got the packages and by now i’m guessing everyone did! Well we’re always looking for new ways to enhance our client experience and to surprise our couples so this year we decided to do little gifts to wish all our couples, that live in Slovenia(due to the nature of the package we couldn’t ship outside because it would take too long) and that got married this year or are getting married next year, happy holidays. We decided to bake probably one of our fave cookies, the chocolate cracked cookies. They were really really good and if done right(which means not baking them for too long) they should melt in your mouth(and this ones did!). Maybe i’ll make some more this week because just looking through these photos i want to eat some! We ordered little boxes in which we’ve put the cookies. We decided to package them in cooking paper, added a little recipe note and put them into these lovely kraft boxes. We also added a lovely note with a beautiful watercolored tree on it. It looked so pretty! And we’ve got a bunch of emails from our couples thanking us for the sweet package and how they’ll be doing these cookies for Christmas, because they were so good! Also the last photo is the package inspector who wanted to eat all the cookies :).

razpokani piškoti razpokani piškoti razpokani piškoti razpokani piškoti lagotto romagnolo

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