We have a bunch of beautiful weddings and sessions to share and we’re starting with probably one of our favourite weddings we ever photographed. To be honest, wedding in France was high on our wish list, but we really didn’t thought that we’ll have the chance to photograph it this year. But with a bit of luck it happened! I still remember when Domen started to read Sara’s email and he was like “wow, you have to read this”. He didn’t want to say what it was but i figured it’s a destination wedding. And when i read it’s in Burgundy, France i was shocked! In the best happy way of course! At first we didn’t knew if it’s going to even work since we were already fully booked during the weekends, but after a hard look at the calendar and a talk about how it would all work out we were in for this adventure!

We emailed Sara back and soon we had a nice Skype meeting with her. She told us about who she and Tim are, that they love to travel and it was no brainer for them to have a destination wedding. She also said they are very spontaneous and laid back and that’s what the wedding is going to be like. We found out they are not making any big plans, they just want a beautiful relaxed wedding with 30 of their closest family and friends in a beautiful chateau in Burgundy, France. And we also found out that they don’t have a fixed date but that they will be choosing it depending on the weather and our availability. A dream couple and wedding for sure!! Sara is also a photographer and it’s always and honor to have photographers book you!

After the nice talk we had, they booked and we were so excited for this! We knew it was going to be one of the most exhausting weeks of the wedding season(since we already had the Saturday before and Saturday after booked for weddings in Slovenia) but we knew it’s going to be amazing. And it was! We actually met Sara and Tim(and a few of their closest friends) the day before over some drinks and we just loved how fun they are! We talked about their plans and their wishes and we were even more excited about the next day. We saw the venue and we were stunned. Chateau de Mailly is an amazing location that just blows you away. The views are incredible and the buildings feel like they are from a movie set or something. There are roses and lavender bushes everywhere and the architecture is so gorgeous. We both love old buildings with so much charm! It’s a dream come true for any photographer.

The day started in the afternoon, Domen was with the guys and i was with Sara and her braidsmaids in a beautiful stone covered suite. Sara decided on a beautiful lace wedding dress from the amazing designer Monique Lhuillier.  What a gorgeous dress! After the girls got ready they popped some champagne and Sara got into her dress with help from her mother. It was such a beautiful moment!

The ceremony was held on the main lawn of the chateau, between two beautiful buildings and a beautiful background full of greenery. Sara walked down the isle with her mother on the song Tim wrote and recorded for her. I think that’s the most romantic and beautiful thing we saw a groom did for her bride. It was such a gorgeous song! Sara’s brother in law officiated the ceremony and we think the photographs speak enough of how the whole ceremony was one of the most emotional ones we ever photographed. We can’t really put into words how Sara and Tim were happy to get married! And it was not just Sara and Tim who were happy and excited, but all of their family and friends were so happy for them! We don’t think we ever saw all of the guests to happy and relaxed on the wedding day. There was no stress, no worries, just pure happiness for the beautiful couple!

We knew from the start of the day how easy these two will be to photograph, but we never expected such relaxed portraits! It was hard to narrow down the photographs since we love every single photo! Every single one!! And we had the most gorgeous background. We truly loved capturing these portraits in the beautiful chateau!

The delicious dinner was held on the terrace with beautiful views over Burgundy on one side and chateau on the other. After the dinner and some drinks the guests made two rows and they accompanied the newlyweds to the dance floor with sparklers. So fun! Their first dance was perfect. No choreography, no right or wrong steps to worry about just a beautiful romantic song and an emotional slow dance by the bride and groom. And after that the party started! We captured some fun party photos before we said goodybe!

It’s truly hard to put this wedding into words! It was amazing from start to finish and we really cannot express how grateful we are that Sara and Tim flew us to France. It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience! We are so thankful that Sara, Tim and their guests welcomed us so warmly since we were they only vendors present on their wedding day(with exception of the catering team in the evening). Sara and Tim, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us! It truly was an honor to capture all this gorgeous moments on your wedding day and to be able to call you friends from now on! Hoping to meet you over some drinks or food either in the US or in Europe in the following years!

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