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The Curated Empire Academy helps photographers and wedding professionals elevate their brand and set their true vision for a curated brand and purposeful business

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We're here to share with you all the ups and downs. We're here to help you take your business towards your goals more efficiently. Sharing how we did it so you can apply it to your brand to achieve the bussiness of your dreams. Are you ready for change?



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Are you feeling stuck? Do your clients not appreciate you or fully trust you? Are you feeling uninspired after every wedding and wondering if you're even in the right career?

Our 2 on 1 custom education and curation services are here to answer any questions you might have, help you define your ideal clients and give you insight into your portfolio and website and how you can change it to achieve your dream clients. Available for photographers and wedding industry professionals.

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We've collected our 10 years of being in the wedding industry into useful resources that will help you move your business towards your goals, make you book your dream clients and restart your photography path into the right direction.


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Our blog is the place where we share our journey as business owners, navigating the wedding industry, all the business tips that will help you as a business owner, everything you need to know about photography, working in the wedding industry world and our life and travels in between


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